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Start a profitable wines and spirits shop

Wines and spirits business is one of the rapidly growing businesses in Kenya,the markets for wines and spirits grows rapidly because its demand is on the rise,people find wines and spirits to be cheaper than beer,whose price has been on the rise.

For you to start this business you need a favourite location, which is accessible,do a thorough research of the place you want to set up your business,put your shop near main roads.

You also need licencing for effective operation of your business,some of the licences you ought to have are:

*Liquor license(most important of all the licences)

*Business license

*MCSK license

*Health certificate

*Approval by NEMA.

Furniture is also a requirement,you need to have:


*Display area

*Tables and chairs (depending with your start up capital).

To reap more profits you can use chairs and tables, because most people spend a lot when sitting than those who do take a ways.

For you to remain in this business,ensure you provide quality services to your customer,because this market has stiff competition.

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