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"I Got A Grade B In Commerce" Brags Akothee As She Gives Company Marketers Advertising Lessons

Madam boss is all about money and after yesterday advising her daughter Rue baby to never opt for love when she can for money, today she has taken company marketers on a ride on how to influence their products and reach the target market.

In a long Instagram caption on a post Akothee starts by warning the companies on who they choose to influence their product and relevance in influencing, "...Not everyone with a big following is an influencer , there are people with 10,000 followers and can drive sales , there are those with 10 m followers and won't give any impact on your brand..secondly ,influencing needs some skills and background of's not about holding a product every minute or placing it on the table just for the client to see, influencing is not about pleasing the client ,it's about bridging the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer . introducing the product to the consumers and even making sure the product is perfect for consumption...don't expect to see a brand ambassador in the toilet holding tomato source..."

Madam boss also gives a lesson about doing the right thing at the right time and a lesson on how influencers work from acquittance to the product to getting feedback from the customer which according to her takes a period of not less than 6 months, "...for the cooperates going for short term example 3 months 2 months I am sorry...for you to get value for your money you have to aim for at least 1 year or minimum 6 months for you to realize sales. The first three months is 1st month ( the influencer is getting a know with the product ,get to understand how to consume the product , and how to introduce otto the market ( content)...2nd month , ( introduce the product into the market strategically, ( merging the three brands ,cooperate brand ambassador consumer )...3rd month , we monitor product by getting feed back from our consumers..."

And she has all the right to advice you because, "...I got a B in commerce..."

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