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Ruto Gives 1 Million To Hustlers In Bungoma But Displeased Residents Still Shout Him Down

Traders at Dinah intersection in Webuye received Ksh.1 million from William Ruto, but infuriated people were not delighted with his generous gesture.

Ruto went on the campaign road in Bungoma County, visiting with citizens in various locations to stir up support for his new political party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Area MPs John Waluke, Fred Kapondi, Majimbo Kalasinga, Dan Wanyama, Didmus Barasa, Mwambu Mabonga, and Benjamin Washiali, as well as former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, accompanied the vice president.

Ruto made a brief stop in Webuye's Dinah crossroads to meet people, where he offered a Ksh.1 million donation to traders.

“I asked your MP, Dan Wanyama to write the names of mama mboga and other persons who manage businesses at this intersection for me, and he did an excellent job. He handed me a list of 300 "hustlers," and I've prepared a package for them.

“I have a million shillings for them, which translates to three thousand shillings for each of them. This would just raise your stock, and things will be even better next year if we take over the country's leadership since one hundred million shillings will be set aside annually in each constituency for the same,” Ruto added.

Even while Ruto was declaring his generous donation, neighbors were not delighted, and they continued to yell him down, complaining about the increase in fuel prices.

The DP ignored the citizens who were screaming him down and invited Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama to speak.

When the area MP took the microphone to speak, the residents yelled "mafuta, Mafuta."

When he realized he wouldn't have it easy, Wanyama turned to music and sang one gospel song to keep the audience under control.

The MP for Webuye West had no choice but to raise the issue of the fuel price increase. He blamed the significant rise of Kenyan fuel prices on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partners.

“Dear President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake cronies, please understand that hustlers are human beings as well. Fuel costs should be decreased starting tomorrow since they are making life tough for our bodaboda riders,” stated Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama.

Kenya is an upcoming developing country and everybody's life should be considered. The rise of fuel is quite affecting the economy since most people depend on public transport. We hope that a change shall be done soon for all of us to be equal.

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