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Prepare for a Very Long Electricity Blackout on 17, October if You are Resident on the Listed Areas

Kenya Power Lightening Company through their verified twitter account have announce places that will face a very long electricity blackout tomorrow 17, October especially within the listed area below so as to allow KPLC personnels to carry out system maintenance.

Electricity is a key factor that is normally used in running the component and accessories in household and industry for production purposes. This process are mainly aimed at ensuring one have access to daily revenue after production or offering services.

Electricity blackout is a major causative of low production output as it limit the normal working hours as initially planned by an organization or a certain industry.

Electricity blackout despite being a challenge on huge industries, it also affect the common resident as most of them uses electricity in running their daily norms so as to earn a living.

Electricity is mainly used by local people in small business like salon, kinyozi shops, jua kali workshop to mention a few. These work involved by this local people tend to bring food on the table after a whole day of working.

Electricity blackout in my own opinion it will not end soon as most of electricity that we Kenyans depends on comes from Hydro power plants that faces alot of challenges in their production process.

Water fluctuation in a river that feeds a water bay is major cause of hydro electricity as volume of water needed in production is not enough in giving the maximum service it suppose to offer to Kenyas at large since power production versus power demand indicate there is electricity crisis.

Kenya being located at the equator, it experience high temperature which in turn causes high vaporization of water in lakes and rivers causing low volume of water reaching a certain hydro electricity plant so as to utilize the force of water in production process.

Electricity blackout even though is slowly being countered by independent bodies that joined the energy sector with the aim of generating electricity then sells it to Kenya Power Lightening Company with the aim of making profit have been of great help.

These bodies in the energy sector are called Independent Power Produces which have been of great help to the ministry as they try to counter power crisis.

Electricity even though being a useful service, KPLC have anyway advice residents and their clients to avoid tampering with electricity grid system since it is dangerous and can cause loss of loved one and loss of properties or even both.

This danger arise when one interact with the national grid system without the knowledge of the grid hence lead to miss intepretetion of the system and hence causes short circuit which leads to outbreak of electric fire.

Kenya power Lightening Company as they daily norm, they have schedule a very long electricity blackout tomorrow Sunday 17, October from morning to evening so as the KPLC personnel's can carry out the system maintenance on the listed areas below.

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