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Should Farmers Join Agricultural Organizations In Order To Produce Multiple Farm Products?

We should not pretend that we know everything and that we do not need other people's ideas, sharing of ideas is one of the most important thing human being can engage in and benefit. Two minds brought together can achieve achieve something very great than one mind.

When we initiate Agricultural projects like large scale maize plantation, beans, kales, forestry among many other business activities we always have a purpose. The purpose is to produce multiple farm products.

For example if it is maize plantation you would like your farm to produce maize in high quantity so that at one point you can sell some of you farm products and get something that will motivate you.

Do you think that when you plant 10 hectares and harvest 20 sacks of maize each 90 kgs it can motivate you, actually you will not be happy. Since when you plant such big hectares of land you expect even up to more than 200 sacks each 90 kgs. With these you can sell some of your products and get good income.

Currently there are several agricultural organization that play a critical role in ensuring that farmers are taught on how to carry on with some of farm activities. From this organization you can learn some vital information that will expand your mind and improve in some of the areas that you were not doing good at.

One of such organization in Kenya is one acre fund, any farmer can join this organization due to the fact that they have good offers to farmers and in addition that also educate you on how you should carry some of your farm activities like planting, when to apply top dressing and so on.

With increased Production of farm products it actually means that you will never lack Money since you can sell some of your farm products and get money.

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