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Avoid Expensive Feeds And Use This Simple Method To Make Your Hens Lay Eggs With More Yellow Yolk.

Poultry farming is practised in different parts of Kenya. It is carried out by farmers either intensively or extensively depending on the capital availability.

Poultry farming is very important to the farmers and a nation as a whole. It provides income, creates employment opportunities, Poultry droppings can be used as organic manures for growing vegetables and fruits.

Poultry farming also provides food in terms of eggs and meat. Chicken eggs are very nutritious and contains essential mineral elements necessary for proper body development.

This article reviews relatively cheap methods that a poultry farmer can use to ensure that his or her chickens lay eggs with alot of yellow yolk. The method is discussed below.

The farmer should give more of the green vegetables and fruits to his or her layer chickens. Green vegetables and fruits contain vitamins like thymine, riboflavine, ascorbic acid, and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, molybdenum, potassium, nitrogen and manganese. These vitamins and nutrients facilitate yellow yolk and hard shell formation in eggs.

The farmer can can hung the green veggies in the poultry house using ropes incase he or she is keeping the chickens in a deep litter system or battery cages. Farmers who practise free range system does not need to give green vegetables and fruits to the chickens because the chickens will feed on them at regular intervals while rooming around in the farm.

Eggs with alot of yellow yolk and hard shells are highly marketable than those with soft shells and less yellow yolk.

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