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Huge Mistakes First Time Poultry Farmers Make That Can Lead To Losses

Poultry farming is act of keeping chicken for our own use like for meat,eggs, for money and any other purposes. Chicken rearing it is a way task if you commit to yourself,feed them well and also take care of their healthy. If you want to start poultry farming and you don't want losses then avoid the following mistakes.

The first mistake you is buying a day old or aweek old chicks from an unknown farmer or unknown breed to come and rear them. Remember you want those chicks to grow to become big chicken to sell or give you quality eggs. If you buy those one day old chick you might not know the best breed,the type of the chicken whether it's a cock or a hen also chickens are prone to sickness they might suffer the sickness that you might not know and can cause you losses. Please if possible buy old enough chicken that you can rear well without too much straining.

Poor hygiene around the farm. Make sure the place where the chicken stay is clean enough so that you cannot attract viruses that cause infection to the chicken. Make it well ventilated,clean and also do not overcrowd them.

Failure to notice sick birds so that you can separate them to avoid the spread of the diseases. If you fail to detect early then you might get losses since they can spread to each other and they can die if not given Medication early.

Keeping toxin substances like insecticide, pesticides around the farm can be dangerous since it can cause harm to the birds. Make sure to put those toxic substances far away from where the chicken stays and they will be well.

If you avoid all this mistakes as a first timer then your business will grow and become big.

Thank you and may the good lord bless you.

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