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Ways Of Predicting If you Will Be Rich Or Poor Using These Questions

1) What are your daily habits, identifying your daily habits will help to know if the activities that you are involving yourself in will help you to earn more money or, if they will help you to earn extra money daily.

2) What areas do you enjoy most while at work, this will make you improve the areas where you find favorable so as to increase the productivity in such areas, making you to be able to increase the profit earned because of lower operational cost and efficiency, leading to increase in the profits.

3) What do you find the most challenging in life, it enables you to know if you solve both big and small challenges that will help you earn extra money, as the reward for solving the problems.

4) Are you a faster learner or a slower learner type of person, you can draw conclusion from the answer if you are able to adjust quickly to environmental changes that affect business and activities that earn money, in which if you are a fast learner you will have high competitive advantage over other business hence attracting a lot of customers and earning more money.

5) What do you look for when choosing your friends and team, this gives you the ability to know if you choose the correct people that help you in growing financially, such as discussing money making business ideas with them or if they are lazy.

6) What inspires you to engage yourself in money making activities, this will let you know if you have a short term motivation push or a long term motivation push, and also know what to do to be able to improve and increase the motivation push when searching for more money.

7) What is unique about your business, this will help you to be able to look at ways of how you would be able to improve your business services.

8) In conclusion, the statements above help you to be able to determine if you are just earning money or if you are earning a reasonable amount of money that will be able to compensate for your efforts, what do you think about them, give your opinion below.

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