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How Agricultural Education is Important to Learners

Check on the following guidelines on how important agriculture is to learners.1 Break class monotony. Field education help students to avoid dizziness by working in the field.

2Handling tools. Agricultural tools are normally not difficult to use but someone my use a tool for a purpose not ment for,this causes damage to the tool.

3 Types of tool. Agriculture involves use of many tool students are equipped with knowledge on how to group according to their different functions cutting, plumbing etc.

4Body exercise. Field work provide enable learners to exercise their body as agriculture may involve operations with heavy tools.

5Knowledge on tool operations. Learners are equipped with knowledge on how to use tools in proper way to avoid injuries and make tools last long.

6Tool maitainance .It sounds funny when a farmer leave behind tools like Jenne in the farm after let's say digging,well taught leaner don't do such mistakes.

7Selection and breeding. Knowledge and skills on selection of animals for breeding is the key in improving livestock production. Well applied skills results in multiple production.

8Record keeping. Proper record keeping is essential to every farmer this answers whether the farmers is making profit or losses.

9 Employment. Agriculture great self employment and as the firm grow it provides employment for other people.

10 Measurements. Knowledge in measuring is what makes agriculture a success,it involves distance measurement, input measurement, drugs, duration and time. Correct input results in maximum product.

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