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Value Addition in Agriculture Explained

Value addition in agriculture refers to the processing of raw agricultural produce to finished products.For instance one can process tomatoes to tomato sauce.It makes economical sense to embrace such practice because it's the only way through which a farmer can realize blouted income out agriculture.

The above statement can be converted financially,for instance a crate of tomatoes may sell at KShs 4000 when raw,the same amount of tomatoes can make 8 cans of 5 litre tomatoes sauce which can sell at a retail price of Ksh 800,going by the simple mathematics one can therefore gain a revenue of Kshs 6400 out of the same amount tomatoes!

But sadly this kind of information is not always available to Farmers.Middlemen do exploit this gap in information to access Farmers produce at a throw away prices, sell the same at a kill to processers.The value added products are eventually bought by the same Farmers at high prices.

The government therefore needs to sensitize farmers on value addition as a valuable practice which is the only key to increased income from agriculture.

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