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Successful organic poultry farming

Poultry farming can be a very good side hustle if done as an agribusiness. However,one big problem that most farmers do face is poultry diseases.

You need not to worry anymore. Christmas melon is the solution.

One of the benefits of Christmas Melon is that it controls all the viral diseases in poultry such as Newcastle Disease, Marek’s Disease, and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD). However, it is important to know how this wonderful bulb can be used effectively without any complications. As with synthetic drugs, caution must be taken in the use of organic fighting agents like Christmas melon, as this is the only way to maximize the benefits of organic poultry farming without regrets.

Benefits of Christmas Melon.

-It is used in poultry to boost the immunity of chickens and prevent diseases like Newcastle, Gumboro, etc.The melon reduces production cost in poultry. It can be preserved without the use of refrigerator. Local farmers can use this herb as an alternative to vaccines.

Ingredients Required to Prepare Christmas Melon Extract.

The melon bulb (1kg Tagiri for 2 liters of water)Water

Other Materials Required

A jar or container with cover, Knife (to cut the bulbs into pieces), A calibrated container to measure the volume of water to be used, A weighing balance to measure the weight of the bulbs.

The process of preparing Christmas Melon extract.

Get some bulbs (Christmas Melon)

Peel off the green back

Cut the Tagiri into pieces

Measure water that is twice the weight of the melon cuts in liters (i.e ratio 1:2)

Pour the water into your jar or container

Add the melon cuts

Cover the jar/container with a breathable mesh and use rubber band to hold it tight,

Keep in a cool dark room and allow the cuts to ferment inside the water for 7 days

Do not tamper with the process

On day 7, strain the melon water into a bigger container, and then blend the cuts and the seeds.

Add the blended Christmas Melon into the liquid that was strained earlier. Give to the birds for seven days consecutively.

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