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If You Want To Buy Land In Kenya, These Are The Most Crucial Questions To Ask During The Site Visit

Buying land in Kenya has never been an easy affair. Thousands of Kenyans have lost huge amounts of money because they bought land without having a physical site visit.

Instead of relying solely on your opinion to make a decision, bring along a second or third person to provide you with an unbiased opinion about the land. Apart from the seller, this could be your partner or a realtor.

After getting the property/land maps, the seller, buyer and surveyor can go on a site tour to double-check the measurements. They also inspect the beacons, which should be erected if they are missing in order to prevent potential conflicts.

Most importantly, these are the crucial questions to ask as a land buyer:

1.Who is the original owner, and why is it being sold?

2.Is the type of soil suitable for farming and/or construction?

3.What is the procedure for getting a refund if you change your mind after paying a deposit?

4.What are the local zoning restrictions?

5.Is there any land that has been identified as a wetland?

6.How long will it take for title deeds to be processed?

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