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Meet A Community With People Born With Just Two Toes

Pictured above are members of the Vadoma community.

The Vadoma people of Northern Zimbabwe more popularly known as the "Ostrich" people because they are all born with just two toes are a forgotten tribe in Zimbabwe.

They are living in the Kanyemba region of north Zimbabwe, especially in the Urungwe and Sipolilo districts along the Zambezi River Valley, and believe their ancestors emerged from a Baobab tree and walked upright to hunt and gather fruits.

Though they have difficulty walking on account of the shape of their feet any way they are experts in tree climbing.

The well-known Zimbabwean communities are hunters and gatherers.

They speak the Dema language and The secluded tribe in Zimbabwe’s only non-agricultural society meaning they don't plant any kind of crops as they rely only on hunting.

Scientists say their condition is due to years of controlled marriage since the tribe does not allow the marriage of its members to outsiders hence their traits are not passed to a different tribe.

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