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The Price Of Kerosene In Kenya

Kerosene is one of the most used oil in Nairobi and Kenya in general.

It is used for different purposes, like fueling the Kerosene stoves, lighting the lamps, and many other puropses.

However, in the past few days, many people were left dissapointed after the government announced the rising of fuel prices inculding Kerosene, diesel, and petrol.

Kenya saw its highest record rise in Kerosene price , after the announcement of new fuel prices earlier this month.

Right now, the price of Kerosene in Kenya is standing at Ksh112.96 from Ksh100.05

This price is a whole sale price, which means that in most of the small shops, the price is expected to be higher. And because of transportation, the price will be even more higher in some counties of Kenya.

Many kenyans are complaining of the new fuel prices and they are urging the government to consider lowering down the fuel prices so that they can become easily affordable by the common kenyan.

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