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Top 3 World's Unique And Beautiful Giant Company's Headquarters (Photos).

There are very large Company's that their influence is felt throughout the world. They have customers all around the globe. This article looks at the structure of some of the world's largest company's headquarters.

1. BMW Headquarters.

BMW is a company that is known for it's sophisticated motor cars and motorcycles. The BMW motor vehicles are sleek cars that are manufactured by this German based manufacturer. The headquarters of this big company is located in Munich Germany. The building boast of a staggering height of 101 metres. It is designed the form of four cylinders.

2. Alibaba Headquarters

Alibaba is a company owned by business mogul Jack Maa. The company's headquarters is located in Hangzhou China and has spectacular architecture. The building is 208m in length and has vast floor area.

3 Google Headquarters.

Google is a giant company that allows users to search for information in the internet. The company's headquarters is located in Mountain View, California in USA. The building is only 32m in height but sprawls to give out an outstanding architectural design.

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BMW China Germany Google Headquarters Munich


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