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Forget About Expensive Brick Chicken Cages, See The Cheap And Simple Method To Build The Cages.

For starters in chicken farming,minimising cost while maximizing output is very critical for the survival of the venture. The cost of building the cages should be reduced greatly since it earns no profit. Much of the investment should be channeled in buying the chicks or the chicken and the feeds. Brick cages are very expensive to build given the many requirements it needs including the bricks themselves,cement,sand and extensive labour.

A new method to build the cages by eliminating the expenses incurred in brick building has been found to be effective. The method involves the use of mettalic meshes which are simply grounded.

Curved mettalic bars can be erected before the meshes can be mounted on the bars. This gives the structure a strong support.

This method can be made temporary or permanent. For permanent structure,the metal bars are fixed to the ground while for temporary structures,the metal bars are not fixed to the ground.

This method allows for free air circulation in the cage to prevent development of diseases in the cage. The cages are also easy to clean.

However,this method of cage Building must be combined with a roofed cages where the chicken will sleep at night. The chicken cannot be left to leave overnight in this kind of cage because of cold,rainfall and predators and thieves.

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