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Tycoons Sabotage in Business.

There was this case i heard in kirinyaga, it was about a certain tycoon who was buying rice from farmers and going to sell in Nairobi. He had many outlets in Nairobi. Now, he had pickups branded with his name or rather company name. Now, someone plotted to bring down his business, a rival. So, he went bought pickups and branded them with the name of the tycoon. Then he got some rice, packaged it with similar package and brand, then he poisoned the rice.

The rice was ferried to Nairobi and sold. The people bought unaware it was from a fake supplier. Once the rice reached consumers, those who ate developed abdominal problems got sick and a few died. The rice was suspect and was taken for further testing and found to be poisoned. To cut the story short that is how the tycoon lost business, nearly ended up in jail since the entire case was swayed against him and his rival or competitor took over and now supplies the shops with his rice.

So, yes, these tycoons really do sabotage each other too and it is often the consumers who suffer as the tycoons fight. Seems even after creating a strong business network, you also have to be aware of what is happening around you and be ready to resolve some conflicts the hard way.

Stay safe and take care as you follow my articles to learn more, inform friends of your friends.

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