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What you didn't know about the Yellow Maize

Yellow maize as the name goes, is a maize (corn) whose grains are yellow in color. It produces yellow grains unlike the ordinary white maize that produces the white grains.

Yellow maize was first used by Mexicans approximately over ten thousand years ago. They were using it to feed their livestock as well as human beings.

This type of maize is said to be rich in nutrients. It therefore has good health benefits for those consuming it. The Researchers proved that it has high nutritional value than the common white one.

This maize is sweeter than the white one. It tastes so sweet and is good for both livestock and human. It can be used as fodder for farm animals like cows, goats, sheep, poultry among other farm animals.

To use it as livestock feeds, it is advisable to harvest it when still green. Then remove the grains and serve the stem and leaves to the animals.

The yellow maize matures faster than the white maize. It does not require much rain and can survive in most areas. It is also believed to promote eye sight due to its nutritional compositions.

When it was first introduced, people knew that it can only be used as animal feed. But in real sense, it is better for human beings as well. It is also believed that it is disease resistant and the grains are not easily attacked by pests like weevils while in store.

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Mexicans Yellow Maize


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