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A Self-Contained Vehicle With Bedroom, Kitchen, Toilet and Resembles a Real Luxurious House

The automobile industry has evolved with time from simple moving metal boxes to complex and large vehicles that offer comfort and all basic services one may require in a day to day life.

In this article, we are going to look into a type of self-propelled recreational vehicle that is called a motorhome. This vehicle has got all facilities including accommodation.

Motorhome vehicles range in size from small to large vehicles that can offer accommodation to a whole family. Below are facilities found in a motorhome vehicle;

1. Bedroom

A Motorhome usually has spacious sleeping sections depending on the number of people it is designed to accommodate. Each sleeping space can either be convertible or fixed. A convertible sleeping section is usually a fold-out sofa while a fixed one is usually a partitioned section. Some have a master bedroom and other partitioned sleeping sections.

2. A kitchenette area

This area usually contains cooking equipment and ranges in size from a small kitchenette to a spacious fully equipped kitchen. The equipment may differ depending on the model. However, the most common equipment includes an oven, stovetop, sink, microwave, shelves with utensils, and refrigerator. The kitchenette also has dishwashers among several other types of equipment.

3. Bathroom

The size of the bathroom range depending on the size of the motorhomes. The bathrooms also have a shower and a sink.

4. Toilet

Motorhomes have toilets in them which are commonly called "cassette toilets". These are toilets that are portable or container-based that provide a mechanism for easy emptying.

5. Wardrobes

The Motorhomes are usually spacious with some of them having sufficient spaces including a wardrobe.

6. TV and Music system

These vehicles also have super huge television sets and music systems.

7. Air conditioners

A motorhome has air conditioners and one doesn't always need to open the windows when the environment in the vehicle becomes too warm. The vehicles also have warming mechanisms.

One of the most luxurious motorhomes is a Berkshire XLT 45A. This model costs a total of 475,000 US Dollars. This is equivalent to Ksh 52.4 million. This motorhome is enormous and can sustain a whole family of up to twenty people. The vehicle also has a backup generator and a hot shower. (Video)

This is how the vehicle looks on the inside (Photos):

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