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The best and most marketable places to start a business.

For a business to be profitable, it must be situated or located around places which are well congested with people. The people will provide the market for the goods and services. It's good for you as a business person to market your products and make them accesible to people. Business which are strategically located make higher profits and have a higher chance of growing. Depending on the type of business you want to start, it will be prudent for you to do a quick analysation of how and where the market works best. Below are some of the best places you can start your business and get more profits.

1. Around residential places.

Small businesses do well when situated around where people live because that's where there is market. Businesses such as groceries, butcheries and shops will get market from the people living around the area.

2. In the market places.

Many people always go to the market to shop. In the market place there are vegetables, fruits, clothes and many other things which are being sold. Locating your business in the market place will expose your goods to various customers.

3. Around the Central Business District.

CBD is the center or middle of a town. CBD is always congested with people since there are many services being offered in the area hence marketable place for starting a business.

4. Around institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Starting your grocery or coffin making business around a hospital will provide best market for your products. An eatery or resturant will get market from students around a school.

5. Around construction sites.

People around a construction site usually need accesible services nearby to avoid time wasting. You can offer your food services, mpesa services and other services in a shop for them.

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