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Nigerian Project The Rest Of Africa Is Salivating About


Over the past years there has been a great completion for the alpha position on the African continent. Each nation coming up with crazy projects to out shine the others.

Well Nigeria which is one of the well-known competitors, has gone to greater heights on this new project dubbed EKO ATLANTIC.

This is a city built from scratch, on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. 

Located in Lagos state, this is a project mainly funded by the government of Nigeria. It is approximated that the city will have at least 250,000 residents and a daily number of 150,000 people coming and going.

The land occupied by the city is 25km2 and is being carried out on a public-private partnership.

Nicknamed the Dubai of Africa this city will surely meet global standards and bring completion even to cities located in developed nation e.g. the USA.

By 2020 the city had already made steps, where most horizontal infrastructure was done and even few buildings completed, notably the EKO Pearl Towers.

 I won’t lie as a Kenyan am very jealous.

Content created and supplied by: Benscott-bruz (via Opera News )

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