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Avoid These Five Activities and Become Rich

1. Chewing miraa

In most urban areas they are different kind of people with different characters of how they spend their time and money. Many youths and men they spend most of the time chewing miraa (kuchana). However is addict to these kind of plant do spend 300-500 a day, since it not being chewed alone in order to feel its steam must have ground nuts, soda and big G.

2. Chasing women

From the beginning of the world women are described as destroyers of kings. For a man to progress he should be faithful to his one woman, multiple partners are the poison to men's pocket.

3. Betting and gambling

Betting is the most brain washing it affects across all ages and gender. It very difficult to predict the outcome of a game and yet to win millions you have to select multiple game and increases the chance of losing

4. Alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarette are another addictive thing, its hard to stop using cigarette if the element in it known as nicotine as entered your blood

5. Laziness.

Even the Bible States that a lazy person can not be rich and should not be given food.

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