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Starting A Maize Store Can Earn You A Lot Of Profit

Maize is the Staple food in almost the whole Kenya and the rate of it's consumption is very high therefore this means that there is high demand, and with high demand it can be a suitable business idea to initiate a open a maize store.

The good thing with maize store is that you can start it anywhere and you don't have to worry. You can initiate this business in both urban and rural areas and still make good amount of money daily.

To Start a maize a store you need to have at least 80,000 shillings and above. The room you choose should be well ventilated enough this will ensure that there is free air circulation in the room.

The room all need to be a little bit spaced so that you don't overcrowd your sacks of maize within a small space since this will will reduce air circulation in the room.

First hurry and pay the business license permit and ensure you have a valid document that validate the same so that you can freely operate your business without disturbance from the county government.

Link up with farmers who are selling their maize buy with them and before you store the maize you can dry the for at least 5 hours.

With this kind of maize store you will never lack customers and you should only ensure that you are never out of stock since lacking stock may discourage your customers.

It is a Lucrative business and therefore you can make good amount of money from the sell you make everyday.

Daily you can make a profit of roughly 6,00 to 9,00 shillings depending with the sales you make in a specific day.

Ensure that where you want to open your maize store have a lot of population and the rate of maize farming in that region is low. This will make you have a lot of customers who will buy your maize.

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