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Amount Of Money You Can Generate From Animal Feed Production.

There are many farmers who have invested in livestock keeping currently in Kenya and even other neighbouring countries like Uganda, Tanzania among other her neighbouring countries. With the rise of famers who have invested in livestock keeping, for example dairy cow rearing, beef keeping among many other types of livestock keeping it therefore means that there is a high demand for animal feeds.

You can utilize this opportunity and start producing animal feeds. Production of animal feeds is not a hectic tax and it does not need an individual to have a lot of money if you are already a farmer. It may be only expensive if it is the first time you are venturing into farming sector.

To Start this business project of animal feed production you need roughly 5,000 shillings. This money you will use to plant a neipper grass in about 2 hectares of land, buy maize stalks from maize farmers which you will use to prepare animal feeds. You will use maize stalk to prepare hay, which you may also prepare buy cutting and drying some green leaves and grass.

Neipper grass takes roughly 2 to 3 months to mature, therefore after three months you will be selling your neipper grass to farmers. With two hectares of neipper grass you can make roughly 15,000 shillings on selling your neipper grass to livestock farmers.

One bale of hey cost roughly 200 Shillings therefore let's assume that you work hard and produce 2,000 such bales of hay in a month. Then in that particular month you will make roughly a total of 400,000 shillings.

With animal feed production project you will never lack market provided that you make quality animal feed. With this project you can make a good amount of money and advance your project within a short period of time.

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