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Most profitable Agribusiness ideas to try out

Vegetable Farming

Vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumber, kales etc, are all consumed in every day life across the world. These vegetables can also be grown in any part of the world as long as the soil is fertile and has enough moisture to support their, if you are interested in starting an agricultural crop cultivation business then this would be a good idea.

Transportation business for farmers

Transporting goods from the farm to the market has been very challenging to farmers. This is maybe due to the long distance between the farm and the market. One can buy or hire a lory or pick up to start transportation business for farmers to and fro the farm as he or she charge some fee.

Chicken and Egg distribution

This is like bridging the gap between farmer and the consumer market. It requires less capital to start as one just buy the egg or chicken from the poultry farmer and distribute to the wholesalers and retailers at some profit. One can either concentrate on egg or chicken or both.

Livestock house construction

Farmers will always need someone to construct for them a poultry house, dairy farming cubicles and any other such like structures to rear their livestock.

There are many other agribusiness one can try such as doing a planting service at some fee, Agrotourism, honey business, firewood production and many others.

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