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Mistakes That New Chicken Keepers Make

Chicken rearing is one of the most profitable businesses that both young and adult persons are venturing into. Keeping both Kienyeji and broiler and layers chicken is a good business that pays off. Chicken rearing is a wonderful business that can be a very great source of income starting from selling meat, eggs, and also mature. Chicken manure is like gold to cattle rearing farmers. The farmers use it because it contains ammonia which makes battles take a lot of water and in return, provide more litters of milk.

Though this is a great business that can bring you a lot of income, farmers however make mistakes when beginning this kind of business. In this article, we shall learn the different mistakes that farmers do before they begin keeping the chickens.

1. Before keeping chickens, it is crucial that you have everything that is needed. However, farmers are making the mistake of rushing to rear chickens while in reality, they have nothing to start with. This can be hectic especially if you are keeping both layers and broilers because the chickens need extensive care as compared to Kieneyeji. Broilers and layers are highly susceptible to diseases and prone to death when not cared for.

Before you begin even thinking to keep chickens, it is appropriate that you have enough coops, feeders, and waterers. The chicken coop should also be big enough to accommodate not only the number of chickens you need to buy but also which might be hatched.

If you live in the city, it might be tricky for you to keep chickens. However, before keeping them, you must check out the local zoning ordinances because some cities don't allow chicken rearing especially roosters because of noise.

New farmers of chicken, are always unprepared for predator attacks. This can be presented by making your coop not diggable by laying your coop with a hardware cloth. However, most people hurry it in the ground horizontally that when predators try to dig, they find it's futile and give up.

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