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5 best cabbage varieties to grow in kenya

cabbage is a vegetable which has high number of consumer worldwide.the demand has lead to the increase of farm gate price.however consumer always look at quality, color and fibre content of a cabbage.

Here are five best cabbage varieties that do well in most of african climatic regions.


It is firm field holding ability and long shelf life.

Have high round shape.

It has very firm and compact head.

It takes three months to be ready for market.

This cabbages if well feed, during harvesting time may weigh about four to five kgs.


This variety produce high yield during harvesting time.

It has large upright frame.

Number of cabbages expected per acre with a spacing (60×60cm) is ten thousand five hundred cabbages.

They are resistance to pest and diseases.


Perfect uniformity of cabbages.

It is brightly coloured.

It has firm internal texture.

Weigh between two kilograms to three kilograms.

It has green-grey colour.

It is highly resistant to pest and diseases.


Has a compact round head.

Torelant to pest and diseases.

It has high germination percentage.

Has yield potential of fouty to sixty tonnes per acre.

Take three months to maturity from when they germinated.

Has got bluish waxy leaves.


It has strong stem.

It has blue-green leaves.

When well feed can weigh about four-six kilograms.

It has bigger head size.

It has excellent coverage of head.

It has yield potential of fifty five-eighty tones per acre.

Takes three months to maturity.

Highly resistant to pest and diseases.

Content created and supplied by: prisleygicheru (via Opera News )


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