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Expensive Type Of Avocado That Can Generate A Good Income For Any Avocado Farmer In Kenya

Avocado Farming is another farming activity that can earn a farm a good income if he only choose the right type of avocado to plant. There are some species of avocado which can take 9 to 12 years to grow and reach maturity. This is a very long time that any farmer who want to invest in this agricultural activity can not wait.

There is currently one golden type of avocado that takes a very short period of time to grow and reach it's maturity. The hass avocado is the best type of avocado any farmer who want to invest in avocado farming should Plant. It takes roughly 3 to 4 years for hass avocado to reach its maturity.

When you invest in this kind of faming you will never lack market for your avocados since this type of avocado is also exported to the European countries.

To Start this project you roughly need something like 60,000 shillings, at least 1 hectares of land and you also need to buy farm inputs and pesticides. When you want to plant hass avocado you can either buy seedlings or the avocado seeds. The seedling of this type of avocado varies from 150 to 390 shillings, that is per seedling therefore the best option is just to buy seeds from oxfarm organic Ltd.

With this type of project after roughly five years you will pocket your first income and let's assume that you planted 100 trees of hass avocado in your one hectare farm and each hass avocado tree can produce roughly 100 avocado fruits therefore you will have a total of 10,000 avocados in one harvest cycle.

The price of each avocado varies depending with the size and the price ranges from 5 shillings to 35 shillings. By selling your 10,000 avocados to trades at an average price of 10 shillings you will have more than 100,000 shillings. This is just an average amount but you can earn less or more than that depending with the size of your avocados.

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