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Fire Season in Gikomba Market is Back, Traders Count Heavy Losses Again

The countries beyond the tropics always experience four seasons in a year. Like now in October, the winter games are at their peak.

Scientifically, these seasons are caused by the revolution of the earth, if I may ask, “What is it that revolves to cause endless seasons of fire in Gikomba Market?”

This morning, the country woke up to the horrifying video clips of fire razing stalls holding goods worth billions of shillings in the largest open-air market in the country. What caused the fire?

Have we ever sat down to ask how these unfortunate businessmen and women always bounce back to business after such kinds of tragedies?

Is it just a way of improving stock through government support after such incidences, or is it another way of milking the insurance companies dry?

After every incident, police have lodged investigations and inquiries have been made into the causes of the fires. Surprisingly, we have never been told what triggers these fires.

Even if we have known the real causes, what mitigation measures have ever been taken to avoid the recurrence of the same?

Since we only have four seasons, maybe for Gikomba we should add the fifth one, the fire season, until we find a lasting solution to these fires.

Although it is not well defined, the daily value of the stock exchange in the market is estimated to be well over one billion Kenyan shillings.

Be it proceeds from agricultural produce, motor vehicle spare parts, a wide array of second-hand clothes popularly known as Mitumba to unregistered money exchange agencies.

Why hasn’t the government developed better stalls with access to emergency services like the fire brigade to curb the spread of such fires?

I am challenged to believe that there is more than meets the eye in these fires. This being ‘Kanairo’, after the fires, I won’t be surprised to see raging floods sweeping down the makeshift stalls during this rainy season.

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