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Stop Dwelling On Poverty Again And Start Keeping This Best Beef Breeds That Will Make You Wealthy.

Keeping of beef cattles is gaining dominance in Kenya. Many farmers keep different types of bulls on their farms in Kenya. The beef cattles are primarily kept for efficient production of meat. A farmer must select a beef cattles breed with desired qualities to keep on his or her farm.

Beef cattles are usually marked by capacity for rapid growth, heavy well-fleshed body and short legs. This article describes some of the beef cattles that are more profitable to keep on the farm.


The modern Hereford is coloured dark-red to red-yellow with white face, crest, dewlap and underline. They grow rapidly and attain maturity in 18 months time. A fully grown Hereford weighs between 650kg to 700kg.


This breed attain maturity within 12months. Quality of carcass is quite high. It is white in colour all over the body. The white colour is advantageous as it helps the bull to adapt in areas experiencing high thermal radiation. Mature Charolais weighs between 750kg to 800kg.


The body colour of modern Shorthorn varies from rust brown to deep rich red. They weigh between 850kg to 900kg at maturity. They have short and strong legs to support their heavy body. They are efficient foragers.


Galloway has a white colour extending from the belly to it's back and a brown colour on the head, dewlap, heart girth, tail and hind legs. Mature Galloway weighs between 900kg to 1000kg. It is very resistant to tropical diseases. It is docile with mild temperament.

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