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Three Best Investments to Make in Kenya during This Pandemic

Kenyan citizens are currently undergoing a lot of difficulties during this Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs since the pandemic started. Many people, especially low income class find it too tough to put a bread on the table during this period.

It is during this time that we need to be creative enough in handling the little income that we earn during this unbearable period. We should invest our savings in the businesses that can return huge profits over a short period of time to help us survive.

There are some well paying businesses that most Kenyans have not yet thought of venturing into. They require relatively low amount of capital to start and the risks involved with them are very minimal. They include :

1. Car wash

It's a fast paying business that most people usually do not think of. It requires small amount of money to start. If you have ksh.50000 you can comfortably start a standard car wash. What you need to consider most before starting it is the location of the business. You must locate it where it can attract many clients. Remember that the amount of money you make per day depends on the number of customers you have.

2. Movies and sports

This is also paying extremely well. Many people nowadays like sports so much including ladies. Weekends are usually full of big matches being played. If you choose a good location you can earn up to 10k on a single weekend. Movies also attract good cash. You can earn at least 1k per day from showing the movies if you manage it well.

3. Gym

Though it may be relatively expensive to start, gym is a very fast paying business in any country. Clients' subscriptions combine to form huge returns at the end of the month. You may need one million Kenya shillings to start a good gym but you'll be earning at least 100k per month. That means that everything you'll be earning after the first one year will be your profits.

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