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How Fish Can Be Used To Increase The Quality And Productivity Of Potatoes

Did you know that fish was used in the past as a fertilizer?

Fish contains phosphorus and the decomposition of fish gives a strong organic substance. This helps to speed up the germination and protect potatoes from rotting, which leads to increase productivity.

However, this method is expensive in countries that so not have a wealth of fish, but it is very cheap for countries that have a large fish wealth.

It is still used in European countries such as, Norway, and this method was widespread in the past due to unavailability of the fertilizers.

Currently, those who use this method of growing potatoes with sardine have high quality and expensive potatoes.

Kenyans especially living in Western regions can capitalize on discarded fish remains to farm potatoes. This will increase the productivity of their potatoes and increase their competition both in local and international market.

Do you think this method can be effective to local farmers in Kenya?

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