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Benefits Of Small Scale Poultry Farming.

With the current economy every individual strives to find a better way on how he can make a good income. Starting agribusiness projects can sometimes be expensive and this is why most of people feel discouraged to initiate project like large scale poultry farming, beef farming, dairy farming among many other type of agribusiness projects.

If you are incapable of starting a large scale poultry farming there is another good alternative and this is starting a small scale poultry farming. This project is less expensive and you need roughly 10,000 shillings to start this project.

Since you have less funds just build a small structure using a wire mesh and keep your poultry there during the day. During the night you can keep them in one of your rooms which you are not using.

You can start this project with 12 poultry, 10 layers and 2 broilers buying such number of poultry can cost you roughly less than 5,000 shillings. This is cheaper since you will use a little amount of money on buying poultry feeds and other things like building poultry house which is very expensive, and needs one to have a lot of funds.

With 10 layers if you give them a proper maintainance and enough feeds within a week you will roughly collect 70 eggs since in a day you will be collecting 10 eggs.

70 eggs is roughly two crates of eggs since one crate accommodates 30 eggs. One crate of egg roughly cost 320 shillings therefore in a week you will make 640 shillings. In a month you can make roughly 1,800 shillings.

This project is just for the beginners you can not completely depend on it for your survival. When you start this project you should have another source of income since only this can't sustain you though you can expand it with time.

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