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Businesses you can start with little money and make millions out of them

List of small businesses that can make you a millionaire.

We all want to start our own little business. Some of us are tired of being employed and putting up with our bosses. The problem comes when we talk of capital to start the business. I have came up with this few business ideas that you can start with little cash of even no cash.

1. Number one is collecting cow dung and selling it to companies that process fertilizers. A man made over 4.8 million from doing so in Kiambu. He says it started like a joke but when he realized he could make more money from it he started taking it as a business to him and so he became a business owner.

2. Number two is the rabbit business. Buying and selling rabbits. Here in Kenya there is a large market for selling rabbits but we only have a little supply people. The demand is larger that what we have. The specific people l would target in this specific business is the Chinese. This people buy rabbit meat for 3000 therefore when you calculate how much you buy a rabbit from your home county and how much you sold it then you will find out that you have made a lot from one single rabbit.

3. Number three is the ovacado business. One who wants to start this business should wait for 7 o'clock in the evening and walk door to door selling the ovacado. Most people are likely to buy since they are about to have dinner and they would feel good roping an ovacado up on their meal.

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