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Forget Expensive Cement, See The New And Cheap Material To Replace Cement That Is Being Tested

Due to the high cost of production involved in the manufacturing of cement,cement has continued to increase in price. A bag of cement now costs between 550 shillings to 650 shillings in Kenyan market. Cement is mined from limestone which is only found in some specific places in the country.

A new material that is currently being tested that is very cheap and very durable is the sugarcane bargasse Ash. The main component of sugarcane bargasse is silica oxide. This is the binder in Portland cements. Sugarcane bargasse Ash has large component of this material and makes it a very good binding material with concrete.

In this method, sugarcane bargasse is collected and crushed and grounded to fine Ash. They are then dried to remove moisture.

This method of cement replacement is very cheap as it only involves the usage of sugarcane byproducts with no economic value to factories.

Companies are yet to embrace this alternative method for cement. More research is currently ongoing on this subject.

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