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Opinion: Challenges Affecting Bodaboda Riders During This Rainy Season

As we all know that April is a month of rain. Some of the business sectors are seriously affecting relying to the too much raining in this month of April. Moreso the Bodaboda sector is one of the business operations which is hinder due to this mother nature.

Bodaboda sector is accompanied with the following disasters; being that it is a reliable and mobile means of transportation, Bodaboda business depends on many murram roads which by now are under pathetic conditions. This force many of the riders to increase transportation cost depending on the condition of roads.

Also this rainy season is accompanied with cold. This force Bodaboda Riders to put on two or more heavy clothes to protect them. They are also forced to put on gumboots on their feet for the safety of there health. Many of the roads moreso murram roads are flooded with mud and water, this leads to high fuel consumption that's a great loss with regards to high fuel prices.

This is the season where many of the Bodaboda Riders contact diseases such as pneumonia, arthma, running nose and common cold. This making them more susceptible of becoming sick.

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