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Countries with the Highest Debts in the World

Serving without debts does not sound as impossible to just Kenya but different nations.As of December 2019, the nation with the highest debt-to-GDP ratio is Japan, with a ratio of 237%. In 1992, Japans's Nikkei (stock market) crashed.Hong Kong is considered debt free with —0.1%. Hong Kong's market-driven economy is characterised by a lucrative financial banking sector, well-regulated financial controls, large foreign exchange reserves, and virtually no public debt.

There are many different equations used to determine how economically sound a nation is, and one of these calculations is the debt-to-GDP ratio. This ratio measures a country's government debt compared to its gross domestic product (GDP).

Below is a list of nations toping in debts worldwide showing the percentage of their debts.

1.Japan 237.00% with a population of 126,050,804

2.Greece 177.00% with a population of 10,370,744

3.Lebanon 151.00% with a population of 6,769,146

4.Italy 135.00% with a population of 60,367,477

5.Singapore 126.00% with a population of 5,896,686

6.Cape Verde 125.00% with population of 561,898

7.Portugal 117.00% with a population of 10,167,925

8.Angola 111.00% with a population of 33,933,610

9.Mozambique 109.00% with a population of 32,163,047

10.United States 107.00% with a population of 332,915,073

11.Djibouti 104.00% with a population of 1,002,187

12.Jamaica 103.00% with a population of 2,973,463

13. Belgium 98.60% with a population of 11,632,326

14.DR Congo 98.50% with a population of 92,377,993

15.France 98.10% with a population of 65,426,179

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