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Forget About Nairobi, Meet One of The Richest Counties In Kenya

Nairobi county has the best infrastructure in Kenya but it is not the richest because it has the highest population.The high population in Nairobi makes it to have the highest dependency rate in the country.Nairobi does not participate in agricultural activities that would increase their GDP.

Kiambu County has been ranked as the richest county in Kenya.It's capital is Kiambu town and it is the largest town in the county.The county is the home of some of the richest personality in Kenya.

Kiambu has over two thousand trading centers with 6634 registered retail traders and 750 wholesalers.The county also has many industries that are located in Thika town such as bidco oil industry and Broadways bakers.

The people in this county depend on agricultural activities for their daily livelihood.The people in this region practice both food and cash crop farming.Cash crop farming is mainly practised in the highland regions of the county.The food crops grown in the region include;maize,beans and Irish potatoes.Pinnaples are also produced in large quantities in Gatundu South and Gatundu North constituencies.

The Kiambu residents also participate in livestock farming.Cattle is the main livestock kept in the area with a population of 230,294.Other livestock kept are sheep,goat,pig and poultry.

At one time,the county produced 267.5 million Kg of milk which was valued at 5 billion Kenyan shillings.They also produced 266kg of egg that was worth 42.7 million shillings.

These agricultural activities have placed the county among the richest in Kenya.The people in Kiambu have enough food therefore the dependency rate is lower compared to other counties.

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