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Three Profitable Businesses You Can Create from 2022 Kenya's Political Campaigns

Kenya is in the heart of 2022 general election campaigns. This seasonal occurrence only happens once in five years and beside it making clear our differences , intelligent and business minded citizens will always take advantage of this season. Here are five businesses and ventures you can embark on during this campaign period and earn good money before and even after elections.

1. Printing Campaign materials

This is one of the hot cake businesses that has erupted and will continue shooting up until after the 2022 general elections. You don't need to own a printing machine to start this business. You can act as an agent , that is a link between the customer and the printer. This is how to go about this business, create a business profile,source for politicians who need flyers, posters, printed caps, reflectors and t-shirts. Then send your orders to the printer. You'll get a good printing discount that would see you make thousands of profit per customer.

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2. Act as an Influencer

There is nothing as important to any politician right now as a consistent influencer. All aspiring politicians currently need someone who can help them convince people to consider them the best suit for various posts. You may as well consider looking for political aspirants who need influencers as a new business venture. No doubt if these politicians win, they'll consider you for a position in their office. So, besides being in businesses you'll also be creating a long-term and productive relationship.

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3. Hawking Fast Foods and Water

Political campaigns will be spread all over the country, and if you are not choosy, you may as well decide to sell foodstuffs and water in political rallies and earn good return from it. Foodstuffs and water are usually very pricy in these kind of events , business is all about being opportunistic, grab the opportunity.

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You may consider these three businesses over this campaign period, you won't regret your efforts.

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