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Business to Make Money in Kenya

Are you the kind of person crying for the government to give you a job? Or are you a person who tussles to make the ends meet? If you are the kind of person who tries new ideas no matter the circumstances this is for you. Let's sail together and we will find it useful.

I used to sell coffee around campus hostels. Coffee? Yes, coffee. Does coffee have profit? is another question that you may ask yourself. I am here to answer that question practically.

What do you need to start a coffee business?

(a) You need coffee itself! A good and quality coffee, that will keep your customers goes for around Ksh 100-200 (100g)- I prefer GIBSONS COFFEE.

NOTE: 100g coffee, you can use it several times before you restock.

(b) Sugar. A Kg goes on an average of 100 shillings.

(c) Tangawizi. 100g of it on average is 150 shillings.

(d) Disposable coffee cups- on average 100pcs is 200 shillings.

Having those ingredients, our coffee is ready! Of course, what is remaining is to boil the water and add them.

Here is the real practical part of it.

One cup(100ml) of coffee goes for 10bob. On one trip I used to make 45-50 cups. That is roughly 500 shillings. On a good day, you can go 3 trips. I used to go on 2 trips because of the tight schedule of studies. And something you can note here is that my working hours were from 6 pm to 9 pm only.

The good thing about this business is that it is very flexible. You can do it early in the morning and evening. The rest of the day you can do something else.

Back to our calculations. On can day I pocket 1,000shillings. The coffee business is a full-time, everyday job. You are guaranteed that every day you will sell.

sales in a month are equivalent to 30*1000=30,000.

Less the expenses which are much less, say 3000, you have 25,000 which good money.

Note also, the assumption here is that you have a flask to carry the coffee

Please follow me for more other business ideas that are coming up.

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