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Top Five Vehicles Preferred In The Miraa Business And The Reason Why.

The Miraa sector is one of the country's most profitable, with projected revenues of billions in a single year.

One vehicle transports miraa worth Sh2.5 million, while a lorry transports vegetables worth 5 million Kenyan shillings, according to reliable statistics.

On any given day, approximately 50 vehicles transport the commodity, which is worth approximately 150 million Kenyan shillings each day.

The Miraa sector is estimated to be valued up to 40 billion Kenyan Shillings per year to the Kenyan economy.

Because miraa is a perishable product, every second matters on the road, which is why a skilled driver and a reliable vehicle are required.

The following are the top five vehicles:

1.Toyota Probox 

The Toyota Probox is a low cost vehicle that can reach top speed of 240 kilometers per hour and is one of miraa's most trusted car. 

Its cargo capacity is likewise good, implying that a large amount of miraa can be transported on a daily basis.

2.Toyota Succeed

The success is the probox's bigger sibling, and many drivers adore this car for its speed and overall handling.

The Toyota succeed has somewhat larger cargo capacity and a slightly more powerful engine than the regular probox

3.Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is one of the most popular vehicle since it seldom breaks down or develop mechanical issue. 

It has a large cargo capacity, therefore with a good driver, it can transport a large number of Miraa and arrive at the destination quickly.

4.Isuzu FSR

Isuzu FSR truck is ideal for transporting a large number of Miraa in a single vehicle. 

The vehicle is agile capable of carrying a lot of weight at high speed, as seen on the roads. 

The top four vehicles preferred by Miraa businessmen and ladies are listed above.

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