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How Money Launders Work in Kenya

For some young people and other business dons, the belief that hard work pays is a narrative that finds no place in their lives. This is a group of people who have found a different narrative as to the meaning of success. Most of the people involved in money laundry have a unique way of evading police officers either by bribes or by working with them

They have machines for printing a fake but an actual replica of the verified Kenyan currency. The most targeted is the one thousand shillings Kenyan currency. They then have a way of diffusing this fake currency into the Kenyan market.

Most of them deposit them at once in a bank then withdraw the whole amount later. Discoveries have shown that the new Kenyan thousand shillings note is easily duplicated than the one it had replaced. These fake currencies often lack the verified watermark. Kenyans need to be on the lookout.

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