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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Wednesday 13, October Within the Listed Area

Kenya Power Lightening Company has this evening announces a very long electricity blackout that is to be experienced on Wednesday 13, October within the listed area below so as to give KPLC personnel's a humble time in maintening the nation electricity grid system.

Kenya as a Country we depend upon electricity in running our daily norms. This activities start from local area to central business district, this activities may include: Running a poshomill, running welding machine, powering large Motors in industries to mention a few.

Energy sector under the ministry of energy is a key sector in running the country economy forward as most of the business depends upon energy to generate revenue. This ministry is however subdivided into various sector especially electricity related sector so as to ensure proper flow of electricity.

This sector is subdivided into:

1) Kenya Power Lightening Company

2) Kengen Kenya

3) Geothermal Development Company

4) Rural Electrification Authority



This sectors mention above are specifically tasked to perform their function within the Energy sector. This companies are responsbile in transmission of electricity from one point to the other along the nation electricity grid system.

Kenya Power Lightening company for so long has been given the authority to transmits electricity from the national grid system to residents across the nation and by ensuring sustainable flow of electricity daily.

Kenya Power main office located at stima plaza have been purpolar known by many for their act of interrupting electricity for the purposes of mantaining the national grid system as tasked by the Ministry of Energy.

Kengen Kenya is mainly considered as the root source of electricity which is being consumed here in Kenya. Kenya even though have been buying electricity from outside the Country but most of electricity consumed is generated by Kengen Kenya company.

Kengen Kenya helded by Rebecca Miano, MBS is responsible of generating power from different sources like: Hydraulic Energy, Wind Energy, Heat Energy, Wave Energy Solar Enery to mention a few.

Geothermal Development Company was founded with the aim of utilizing the natural force of gas that eject from the earth surface. This company is located in Naivasha where it was discovered that there was steam that possessed high strength and pressure to rotate a turbines.

Geothermal Development Company in Kenya is capable of generating and feeding 544 Mega Watts into the national grid system. The Government even though it is still improving on this company so as to ensure proper utilization of force hence maximizing electricity output.

Rural Electrification Authority as the name define it, it a body that was founded with the aim of supplying electricity from the main power lines to the residents who lives deep down in villages. This body in other words help KPLC in distributing electricity to local residents.

KETRACO is a popular organisation that was founded with the aim of supplying electricity to companies that uses very large amount of electricity from the national grid system.

Kenya Power Lightening Company being given the responsibility of maintaining the national grid system has this evening through their official website announce no places will face a serious power outage tomorrow 13 October but some places will face a very long electricity blackout on Friday, 15 as listed below.

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