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Profit One Can Make From A Tile Wholesale Business

You may wonder why this business is the best business idea currently, this is because many people nowadays prefer tiled floors, tiled walls since tiles give a house a wonderful and attractive look. This is obvious even if you conduct a small research tour, you will realize that out of 5 permanent houses you visit 3 to 4 of them are tiled.

This is a clear evidence that if you open a tile wholesale you have market for you goods. Leave alone individual houses, tiles are used to decorate church flours, administration offices In schools, government offices among many other important buildings.

Tile wholesales business can do well in any place in Kenya be it in growing towns and big cities in Kenya. The only thing you have to make sure is that the place you have chosed for your business is a competition free zone.

Tile are expensive and therefore to start the wholesale you have to have at least 1 million shillings, this is just an average amount you may need more than that if you have a high customer traffic which may force you to expand your wholesale.

As a wholesaler you will be buying per carton from those big enterprises in the city and therefore you will have at least 5% discount on the total cartons of tiles you buy.

The price of tiles varies depending with the texture, the originality, size among many other factors. The price of tiles is approximately 700 shillings to 3,5000 shillings per 1m by 1m and the price will vary according to the factors we have mentioned before.

With this business you can make a profit of roughly 500 shillings to 600 shillings per box and therefore the total profit you make will be determined by how many boxes you sell in a day or a month.

Ensure that you apply for a valid business license before you start operating your wholesale.

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