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Stock investment

A blueprint on how to become a millionaire by 30 in 6 steps

Working daily with the goal of becoming a millionaire can seem like a big mountain one cannot scale. But some people have done it and their habits and step are somehow similar. Some of these steps we are going to discuss them.

1. Save half of your income

This may seem like a long stretch but saving has made people wealthy. Your net worth determines how many months or years one can survive without working. So saving is a first step to become a millionaire. What people don't know is that compound interest in savings can propel you to become rich.

2. Investing in stock

After saving invest in high yielding stocks that can pay one dividends or they can compound these dividends to own more stocks. Stocks have proved to be a main component in wealthy people portfolios to becoming rich.

3. Investing in real estate

To become a millionaire investing in real estate is a wise decision. Financial reports have found that real estate investments can double or multiply within a year and the more time goes by the more real estate appreciates.

4. Learn valuable skill

Some skills have proven to pay more than people expected. Skills such as the ability to convince people to buy your product can come in handy, some hobbies such as painting, content creation and a course one studies can go a long way in increasing ones ability to earn more and achieve their goal towards becoming a millionaire.

5. Start a business

The profits one can get from a business are limitless. Most studies have found that a high percentage of millionaires have started or owns art of a business. It may take time but the results will to be worth it in the long term.

6. Have side hustles

During the pandemic many people lost their jobs, and some high percentage survived on the small side hustles they used to supplement their salaries. A study was done and they found out that side hustles contributed to 23% of the world economy. The number can seem small but these hustle can make serious money that can contribute to your millions. Some side hustles even pay more than a months worth of wages.

So let's go out and achieve our goals to be millionaires as being a youth in today's age is more advantageous to us.

Stay safe and thank you.

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