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Increased Fuel Prices and How The Kenyan Government Continues To Fail Citizens.

The government introduced the adulteration levy on kerosene fuel in the 2018 Finance act to match the retail prices of diesel as a means of checking companies or individuals that mix either petrol and diesel with kerosene and sell it to unsuspecting motorists.

In return, the government was to provide 6 Kg gas cylinders plus gas, burners and grills and an additional one more refill, a 3-year project. The treasury allocated Sh. 2.2 billion for the purchase of the cylinders which were to be sold at a subsidised Sh. 2000 rate and later increased the amount by more than Sh. 700 million through a supplementary budget, pushing the total funding to Sh. 3.1 billion. This move was meant to cushion the consumers who relied on paraffin as their primary source of fuel for domestic use. The above programme was dubbed "Gas Yetu"

The programme collapsed due to allegations of corruption, lack of funds, and supply of defective cylinders that posed safety risks to users.

As Petrol and Diesel prices continue to rise, the Kerosene prices also continue going high, with the government not doing anything about it or even minding the common mwananchi who entirely depends on that. This keeps increasing the cost of living and thus keeps us wondering if at all they care about their citizens' livelihood and well being.

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