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Laikipia Land Paradise: What Is ADC Ranch? What Is It All About?

Since the Laikipia Land skirmishes, several stories have been trending about the most spoken ADC Ranch. ADC is the abbreviation for Agricultural Development Corporation Mutara ranch found in the vast Laikipia plains which stretches from the slopes of Mt Kenya down to the rift valley. It is located just a few kilometers from Rumuruti Town where herders and crop farmers staged protests recently.

ADC ranch lies in a 64,000 acres land well secured by several security guards. Though this land was initially owned by the initial inhabitants before the Government took it and started leasing to private investors. There are several powerful people in the Government who have invested in the land some of which have been exposed before.

It's a beautiful tourist attraction land where a very rare species of animals like Grévy’s zebra, cheetah and Patas monkey are found. It was first changed into a private ranch back in 1921. According to the source, the ranch boarders Laikipia National Park and the Kihika Ranch to the East of Laikipia.

The landscape is also occupied by several birds and elephants as viewed from a further distance. There are boreholes from which the animals drink water as they enjoy the cool environment. A section of the land is also characterized by old looking buildings, old machines and vehicles. The land has managers apart from the security guards around it.

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