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Where to Refill Any Of The Banned Gas Brands

EPRA move to blacklist some LPG gas brands has sent panic among users, who has the same in their household. The question of where to Refill or exchange their products still goes unaswered. Though there may be regulations on the use of this gas brand names. One should be aware that the sale of this products has not been banned for existing in the market. Retailers will still have the gas cylinders in their stores.

EPRA went ahead to release their research data to only let consumers understand the quality of what they use. This way it is the consumers who will slowly get rid of the cylinders as they will not be willing to have them in their household. This way they will be eliminated from the Industry.

For those Willing to continue using them refilling and exchanging will still be ongoing though now at their own risk. Lack of the cylinder company to adhere to the regulations set by the regulations authority, risk having their businesses closed down, license withdrawn and a legal action taken against them. Be keen on what product you buy in the market and check whether it has the minimum qualifications of a seal and proper labelling.

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