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Why Jimal Marlow is in Debt Despite Having Many Businesses in Nairobi

Chairman of Nairobi matatu sacco Jimal Marlow have revealed to the public why he is in debt despite having many businesses in Nairobi. The Nairobi tycoon sparked mixed reactions on social media after he shared a video on his timeline revealing to his followers why he always opt to debts despite him having many businesses which can sustain him.

The business man shared a thirty second video on his Instagram stories. On the video, Jimal finally revealed to Netizens why he takes up loans. Marlow shared a video and explained that he usually does not take up loans because he is broke but because he wants to grow financially. Jimal revealed that he is currently in debt because he usually take loans to start a business which gives him more profit.

Jimal Marlow openly revealed to his followers that he is debt but that does not mean he is broke. He stated that he usually take up the loans to invest on more profitable business: This therefore helps him to make more money than what he gets charged as the loan interest. Here is the full video.

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