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"Seeds Of Gold" Meet The Modern Sheep Breed That Is Currently Making Many People Wealthy (Photos).

Sheep rearing is practised in different counties of Kenya. Sheep is mainly kept for wool and mutton production. The wool is used for making a variety of products such as clothes and seats. Sheep farming can be carried out intensively or extensively depending on the market demand, capital availability, size of the land and farmers level of agricultural skills.

There are many types of sheep breeds kept by farmers but in this article I will only focus on one, Dorper sheep. Rearing of Dorper sheep is currently gaining dominance in Kenya. This sheep has many advantages than other sheep breeds if kept on the farm. Below are some of the merits of keeping Dorper sheep.

1. It produces high quality and quantity of meat. Meat from Dorper sheep is very fleshy and clean. This makes it to fetch higher market prices which in turn makes the farmer to enjoy more profits.

2. Dorper sheep has good mothering ability. This means that the sheep takes good care of their young ones.

3. It is highly prolific than other sheep breeds like Corriedale.

4. It has good foraging ability. This implies that it can feed on both short and tall grasses.

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Dorper Kenya Seeds Of Gold


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